Wouter Dewitte

till now

Analytics Analyst

Wouter studied for a Master of Science in Business Engineering specializing in Data Analytics at Ghent University. He graduated in 2023. With a passion for data and its potential to generate valuable insights for companies, Wouter has honed his technical skills during a summer job with an agile Data Analytics team. Here, he created automated scripts using APIs, Power BI, and Python to visualize data lineage flows, expanding his expertise in working with various data technologies.

In addition to his technical abilities, Wouter has developed a range of soft skills through his experience as a leader and treasurer in the youth movement Chiro Dadizele. These skills include teamwork, creativity, and communication. Wouter has also had a taste of consulting by joining 180 Degrees Consulting, further expanding his skill set and knowledge base.

With his technical and soft skills, Wouter is eager to create valuable insights for decision-making in business. He is excited to support element61 by leveraging his knowledge and continuing to develop his skills while making meaningful contributions to the team.

Wouter joined element61 in September 2023.