Arne Hoefkens

Arne Hoefkens - element61
Business Analytics experience
2 years
Business Analytics Architect

Arne graduated as a bachelor in Information Management & Security (IMS) at Thomas More in 2018.

During his studies, he gained a lot of knowledge about Business Intelligence as well as business knowledge. Arne goes the extra mile to reach his goals because he wants to keep developing his BI-skills and learn all kinds of different sectors and business processes so that he can build bridges between IT and business.

Arne also performed a Business Intelligence internship at Credit insurer Credendo.

His task was to deliver new insights and develop several reports and analysis using SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. At Credendo, he was also able to develop soft skills to work efficiently and professionally with the company’s management. His eager to learn new technologies resulted in also developing and implementing KNIME Text Mining techniques into the BI project. Arne also successfully implemented the resulting datasets into Management Dashboards and created interesting new insights about credit risk & insurance.

Arne is a creative person who is eager to learn and driven to explore the exciting world of Analytics.

After finishing his studies, Arne joined element61 in the summer of 2018, and has been involved for various customers in Microsoft BI projects, adding to his hands-on experience in all components of this technology.