Bart Robyn

till now

Customer Relations & Business Development Manager

After he studied Business Management in Ghent, Bart started his IT career in 1999. After a couple of months as Junior Account Manager at Compuware, he became responsible for the Numega product line, focussing on code debugging, profiling, and testing. It was during this time that he got in close contact with people from Microsoft; helping them to bring the .NET development suite to the corporate and enterprise market. After several years he moved to Microsoft for the first time, to start working with Belgian ISVs and enabling them to get the maximum value out of SQL Server and Office integrations. Later on in his career, Bart will join Microsoft 2 more times in different roles and responsibilities. After this experience in the field of databases, Bart moved on to Oracle, the Technology division, to support customers, partners and ISVs with the wonderful world of Oracle DB's.

Bart enjoys starting new activities and improving existing ones, which led him to join CloudBees and later AvePoint (both IT startups with innovative solutions), working with partners and customers, and being the liaison to IT powerhouses like Microsoft.

In his latest project, Bart worked as Senior Account Manager at Codit, a leading System Integrator in the field of Microsoft Azure, with a specialization in Data Integration, Application Modernization (to cloud-native), and Data/IoT.

Bart joined element61 in May 2024.