Arne Catteeuw

till now

Analytics Architect

Arne acquired a Master in Engineering Technology (Electronics & ICT) with a Major in Embedded Systems. During his studies, he developed valuable skills in designing electronic circuits, image processing, cloud applications, and programming hardware. Over the years, he learned several programming languages. His thesis was about predicting crowd density on a train platform based on real-time camera images. This camera, along with the software he developed, was mounted on the train itself, enabling the mapping of crowds at each station the train passes.

He further pursued his studies and obtained a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research with a Major in Manufacturing & Supply Chain, from which he graduated in 2023. In this Master, he gained an understanding of the complex processes of a manufacturing environment, as well as optimizing transportation problems. His thesis is about researching different forecasting techniques for traffic intensity data. These predictions are used to perform incident detection.

Arne has already carried out many challenging activities related to data and wants to further develop his Data Analytics skills.  

Arne joined element61 in September 2023.