Eli Lauwers

till now

Analytics Architect

Eli graduated from Ghent University in the winter of 2022 with an advanced Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis (Major Computational Statistics). This degree was a follow-up on his first Master, the Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In his first Master, he studied the ins and outs of personnel management and how people function in (or rather function alongside) organizations. He wrote his master’s thesis on the detection of insufficient effort responding, a subject that tries to quantify a respondent’s attention and effort when filling in surveys.  

During his first Master, he developed a deep love for data, statistics, and programming in general. After graduating as an I-O psychologist, he gathered two years of hands-on experience in HR analytics, software development and business consultancy. At the same time, he graduated with a Master of Science in Statistical Data Science majoring in Computational Statistics. He wrote his second master’s thesis on the similarities and differences between traditional and causal mediation analysis, as the topic of causal mediation (and causal statistics) interests him dearly. 

Eli enjoys studying new and complex topics. He loves to help businesses overcome problems with the help of data (analytics). His strengths lie in understanding the business or data challenges at hand and working together with a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts to come up with optimal solutions on a collaborative basis. 

Eli joined element61 in October 2023.