Kurt Vandebergh

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Partner Analytics

Kurt began his career as an auditor at PwC in 1993. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field and has earned his stripes with reputable companies in various industries. From senior auditor to CFO/CIO and HR Director.

As a former CFO himself, Kurt was confronted with the gaps that so quickly creep into reporting. Convinced that data could be mapped better, he set to work himself. As a result, he realizes the importance of having the right numbers at hand and interpreting them correctly.

Through his passion for data, analytical insight and practical knowledge of most BI systems and especially experience in the business, he can assist you in determining the right KPIs and reporting needs.

The result, effective reporting, is only set up in consultation with the business and the end user. He makes reporting not as an end but as a means to provide insight and optimize business results.

Simple, no-nonsense and above all hands-on.

In 2016 Kurt founded Bijster, a specialist provider of Qlik services, solutions & software. Bijster had a particular focus on the Business relevance of setting up (Financial & HR) Analytics. In July 2023, Bijster joined element61.