Manuel Goderniaux

till now

Analytics Architect

Manuel obtained a Bachelor in marketing and a specialization in business data analysis from EPHEC.

Manuel did his first internship in a company which was conducting surveys of their customers and prospects, in order to make new operational decisions about their prospecting campaigns and service improvements.

This company had an untapped database which, on its own, was large enough to provide most of the information required. No better than its own date to tell a company's story?

One of the reasons why Manuel specialized in business data analysis was to be able to exploit data to provide better business recommendations and make better operational decisions.

After his 4-month trip to Ireland, he started his career as a BI Developer in 2022 with WeQan. In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

Manuel loves spending time with family (especially with his two nephews), weight lifting, skiing, partying, playing video games and watching movies (especially thriller and peplum films). He’s a young homeowner and spends lots of time at his house construction site.