Olivier Salavert

till now

Analytics Architect

Olivier graduated in 2007 from the Free University of Brussels with a degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation and a diploma in osteopathic medicine in 2012.

Having practised for almost 15 years in most of Brussels's medical facilities and for his own company, he has developed a keen sense of statistics, critical analysis and reporting automation.

Having had to respond to the need for digitalization solutions in small structures, he responded to these challenges by creating the software essential to his medical practice.

This need in terms of digital solutions quickly became a real passion and he decided in 2022 to prepare a complete transition to data analysis and business intelligence. He finally jumped into the BI Activity in 2023 at WeQan. In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

This series of challenges and this long journey in environments of high responsibility, has given Olivier an insatiable appetite for learning new technologies and an ability to understand them quickly.

Far from limiting these discoveries to his professional field, he invested his free time in learning piano, sailing, golf, karate and cooking.