Pierre Herrent

till now

Principal Analytics Architect

Pierre has been working in Qlik Analytics since 2014, starting with QlikView, and thus joins with over 9 years of experience in Qlik and Business Intelligence projects.

Pierre graduated as a civil engineer in architecture in 1994. He started his career as a trainee architect at bpost and after 2 years, he enjoyed it so much that he asked to continue and joined the Infrastructure Division, where he worked for fifteen years as a project manager. With the gradual arrival of IT and the digitization of processes, Pierre has been involved more and more in information management projects.

In 2009, he put his career on hold and moved to Amsterdam to follow his wife, who got her first international job there. In 2010, together with a former colleague, he founded a company active in document management and process digitalization. It was at this point that he began to include reporting in his projects, especially from 2014 onwards, with Qlikview.

In 2014, he met Jean-Marc Toussaint and started to work as a freelance for Velixis, and later for WeQan since its creation in 2016. Since then, he has continued his collaboration with the team and complements his expertise in Qlik products with Qlik Sense, NPrinting, Qlik SAAS, etc. In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

He worked in a wide variety of roles & responsibilities: scripting, designing, analysis, training, supporting, advising, coaching & supporting junior team members and project management.

Pierre has the ability to listen and understand complex situations. This allows them to tackle problems precisely and propose solutions that are as close as possible to the customer's request. He is an excellent teacher and has valuable experience in training.