Janice Van Deun

till now

People Experience Manager - Human Resources

Janice graduated in 2005 as a Master in Applied Economics. She gained a first professional experience at PKF Bedrijfsrevisoren, now Grant Thornton as auditor where she was responsible for analysis of financial reporting activities.

In 2006, she started working in the staffing industry where she started at Robert Half as a Recruitment Consultant. She experienced the increase in demand for Digital Skills and the transition of companies to become more data-driven.

Since 2010, she took on a leadership role and combined her external recruitment activities with the onboarding of new consultants, training and development, coaching of division managers, performance management, HR Analytics and determining a strategy for her line of business based on data and analyses. She also played a big role in all campus recruitment activities and conducted trainings and workshops at Universities.

Between 2016-2021, Janice combined her role as Senior Manager at Robert Half with a part time assignment as lecturer Human Resource Management at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool.

She started working at element61 in April 2022 as HR/People Experience Manager where she combines her wide theoretical scope of HR with her broad experience in recruitment and soft HR.