Reiner De Smet

till now

Analytics Architect

Reiner De Smet obtained a Master in Engineering Technology (Electronics & ICT) with a major in Image Processing. In this study, he gained a lot of technical skills in designing Microchips, Cloud Systems, and IoT. Additionally, he learned Applied Programming skills in multiple languages. His thesis was about automatically analyzing the cerebral sulci of preterm infants with ultrasound images. The purpose was to get a better understanding of the babies' brain development in such a crucial life phase.

He always admired business operations and after completing his first Master, he found that this strong interest wasn’t fully academically fulfilled. Reiner obtained an extra Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, from which he graduated in 2022. This study focuses on Optimising the Supply Chain. Topics range from analysing activities done by operators to deciding where a new factory should be built. As thesis, he developed a linear programming Optimisation Algorithm to assign Basketball referees to games for the Basketball Flanders organization.

In Reiner’s last year, it was clear that he wanted to pursue a career in the Data Analytics space. That's why he decided to join Everest Analytics, a non-profit organization that wants to give students a chance to learn from real-life Data Science & Engineering projects for good causes, guided by professionals from the industry (including element61).

Reiner started working at element61 in September 2022 in the Microsoft team.