Niels Clymans

till now

Analytics Architect

In 2017, Niels started studying Business Economics at Ghent University. Two years into the bachelor program of Business Economics, he noticed that his interests were actually more in line with what was taught in the bachelor program of Business Engineering, and consequently, he switched to Business Engineering the next academic year. He finished his degree in Business Engineering (option Data Analytics) in the summer of 2023.

During the time he spent on numerous assignments in the Master of Business Engineering, he gained experience with multiple programming languages, including Python and R. For his thesis, Niels delved into time series analysis with Python. Here, he assessed the water quality sensor network in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and made a model to detect the occurrence of pollution of dock water with oil-based products.

Throughout his student life, Niels has always been a busy bee. Over multiple years, he has taken a leading role as a student representative, was engaged as a rock-climbing instructor, and has also been taking weekly courses to improve his guitar playing. When not busy enough with these activities, he could often be found in one of the climbing gyms in Ghent, training for one of his next outdoor adventures.

Niels joined element61 in September 2023.  Since then Niels was introduced very smooth in MS Azure, Databricks, Data Factory, MS Power BI, ... and onboarded on several customer use-cases.