Tom Bouten

till now

Principal Data Governance Architect

Tom obtained a Master in Business Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Solvay Business School.

Tom has accumulated extensive experience working with Data & Analytics since 2014.

Tom started his professional journey as a systems and process auditor at PwC. He garnered invaluable expertise in the area of business processes and internal controls. Alongside traditional methods, Tom's primary focus revolved around utilizing data to conduct audits of clients' financial, IT, and operational processes. This endeavour provided him with substantial exposure to employing ETL techniques on data extracted from various ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, Dynamics, Navision and others.

Recognizing his proficiency, Tom was appointed as the lead for the Belgian Centre of Excellence for data-enabled auditing. In this capacity, he facilitated the digital transformation of audit procedures by introducing novel tools (based on SQL, Power BI, Qlik, ACL, Alteryx), and methodologies, and imparting training. Moreover, Tom contributed to process mining projects (Celonis, Perspectives) at clients and supported the initiation of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service offering at PwC (UiPath).

In 2018, driven by his aspiration to focus more intensively on Business Intelligence, Tom decided to depart from PwC and joined Goodman, a prominent industrial real estate developer.

Assuming the role of Business Intelligence Lead for Europe, he formed and implemented an encompassing data strategy for the European branch of the company. This endeavour involved the successful deployment of Power BI, the establishment of a Modern Data Platform on Azure (with TimeXtender), and the upgrade of TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. Furthermore, Tom assumed responsibility for the rollout of Data Governance and BI Governance frameworks in the organization. During his time at Goodman, he further developed his skillset on Azure, ETL (SSMS, SSIS, Data Factory, TimeXtender, TurboIntegrator) and reporting (Power BI, SSRS, IBM PAW & PAfE).

In July 2023, Tom started on a new chapter of his career by joining element61, where he will be supporting clients to maximize their data value with Data Governance.

This marks the official start-up of our Data Governance Competence Center, which Tom will build.

During his leisure time, Tom enjoys playing padel and volleyball.