Sooi Versavel

till now

Analytics Architect

Sooi Versavel graduated with a Master of Science in Business Administration, option Management, and IT from Ghent University in 2021. During this Master, he discovered the fantastic possibilities of utilizing data.

He finished this Master with an internship at Cloud Innovation, where he completed many small projects. In one of those projects, he evaluated the differences between Tableau and Tableau CRM, 2 Business Intelligence front-end solutions from Salesforce.

In 2022, he followed the advanced Master of Science in Data Science for Business at Ghent University. During this Master, he learned the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage information from data. He finished this Master with an internship at Airties. During this internship, he explored multiple Machine Learning methods to detect anomalies in Wi-Fi devices. Thanks to his efforts, Airties now knows how to proceed and extend its capabilities to catch complex problems early.

Sooi would like to improve his Data Analytics skills and implement end-to-end Data solutions to help businesses succeed.

Sooi started working at element61 in September 2022.