Sarah Beshr

till now

Analytics Analyst

Sarah holds a Master in Information Management from KU Leuven which she obtained in 2022. She was introduced to element61 through her thesis internship where she examined the impact of concept drift on the predictive performance of Machine Learning models, along with two fellow peers. This experience enabled her to explore solutions that are not only of academic relevance but also provide business value.

During her studies, she was trained to effectively use information technology to tackle business problems and acquired knowledge in the fields of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning. She also worked part-time at a law firm where she assisted with data collection and visualization tasks using Python. Furthermore, she holds a Bachelor in Psychology, Politics, Law, and Economics (PPLE) from the University of Amsterdam where she specialized in Economics and Business. This interdisciplinary background informs her approach to business problems as she seeks to tackle them holistically.

Sarah considers herself a lifelong learner and shares her growing knowledge of data analytics with others through informative articles on her blog. Next to her love for writing, she also enjoys playing the electric guitar, listening to podcasts, exercising, and spending time in nature.

Sarah joined element61 as an Analytics Analyst in October 2022.