Mehdi Telemsani

till now

Senior Analytics Architect

With 5 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Mehdi has developed expertise across various sectors including defence, government, automotive, and food. His organizational skills encompass functional analysis and project management, and he is recognized for his communication abilities.

Technically, Mehdi possesses a comprehensive understanding of the data processing workflow, maintains data and process quality, excels in Lean Management, and is proficient in analytical reporting development. He is also a competent mentor and coach.

Mehdi is fluent in several languages, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. He is currently learning Dutch. His BI solutions expertise includes Power BI, Tableau, Power Query, SSIS, and Alteryx, and he is skilled in SSMS, SQL, and DAX.

At element61, his role involves bringing his Business Intelligence expertise to the team, enriching it with his diverse experience and passion for transforming data into effective strategic solutions.