Michiel Van Nijverseel

till now

Analytics Architect

Michiel Van Nijverseel graduated with a Master of Science in Business Engineering, option Data Analytics at Ghent University at the end of June 2021. 

Throughout his studies, he gained a sincere interest in the Data world with a passion for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This was reflected by his master thesis built around a comparative study of ML and DL algorithms in automatic rumour (+/- Fake News) detection.

The combination of both Bachelor and Master has provided him with a solid basis in both the technical and business side. To gain hands-on experience, he joined the non-profit organization Everest Analytics, connecting people from different backgrounds in their shared interest in Data Science and Analysis. Here, he (in a team) tackled an energy optimization problem for a real-life business case, giving him more insights into what Data Science and Analysis look like in practice.

Next to his studies, he has been a member of the scouting group KSA Walfergem for almost ¾ of his life. In the last two years, he took on the responsibility of being the head of the whole scouting group. During these years, he gained and improved his communication and people management skills.

In September 2021, Michiel joined element61 where he was and still is exploring his interests through a multitude of projects. These projects cover topics across data engineering and infrastructure in a wide range of industries. During the past years he has enhanced his skills in these areas with a great focus on using Databricks and the Microsoft stack to allow companies to grow using data analytics in the cloud.