Laurens De Beule

till now

Analytics Architect

Laurens obtained his Master of Science in Business Engineering with a specialization in Data Analytics at Ghent University in 2024. Driven by his passion for data analytics, machine learning and consulting, he joined element61 for an internship in the summer of 2023. During this internship, he focused on building an application leveraging OpenAI to speed up Lakehouse development. Concluding this internship, he had the opportunity to present his work at an AI meetup which was a very exciting experience.

In addition to his studies, Laurens spent one year at 180 Degrees Consulting Ghent as a student consultant followed by one year as an active board member. Here he helped nonprofit organizations and social enterprises with their strategic issues, assisting in their efforts to make a positive impact while developing important skills. Furthermore, he gained practical experience through a project with Everest Analytics and as a student assistant in a data mining course. Finally, his Master's dissertation explores the feasibility of replacing traditional market research methods with topic models.

In his free time, Laurens enjoys spending time outdoors walking, running, and sometimes boating on sunny days. Additionally, he likes to travel and occasionally produces a homebrew beer.

Laurens will join element61 in September 2024.