Farid Chellaoui

till now

Principal Analytics Architect

Farid graduated in Marketing from EPHEC (Louvain-la-Neuve) in 2007, with a focus on international trade.

Passionate about computing for a long time, Farid started his career in 2009 as a Business IT Consultant by working with SAP, Odoo and other ERPs. He started by learning XML and Python code to eventually develop and program modules for Odoo. As a Business IT Consultant for 12 years, he was able to work in the industrial sector for large companies but also in other sectors for small, medium and larger companies.

Farid worked in various areas related to IT and Business IT, such as Odoo CI/CD management, migration of a SAP BW tenant to Qlik, BI solution development and alignment with customer needs, management and development of the company's CRM and implementation of the rollout in different countries, management of the SharePoint site farm and Active Directory.

Being able to work with different ERP-like tools, he eventually became focused on delivering BI solutions based on the tools he used to work with (SAP R/3, S4H, C4C, Odoo, Pivotal CRM, O365, ...).

Farid then joined WeQan to focus even further on the BI tools and quickly progressed to mastering the Qlik Portfolio thanks to his employer’s valuation of knowledge and skills development. In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

Farid is also passionate about the technical and programmatic side of the tools with which he works as well as the use of all kinds of APIs.

Farid is solution-oriented and he specializes in system administration and data modelling in the fields of accounting, budgeting, consolidation, carbon footprint, HR, inventory & stock management, sales, procurement and financial reporting. He is looking forward to working on data integration, especially in a SAP or Odoo context.