Dixan Peña Peña

till now

Analytics Architect

Dixan Peña Peña studied pure Mathematics in his motherland Cuba.

He came to Belgium in 2004 to obtain a PhD thanks to a grant awarded by the University of Ghent. After the completion of his doctoral studies, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher & was a visiting professor at the University of Ghent, where he taught Mathematical Analysis for three years to first-year students of Mathematics and Physics.

His career took a decisive turn in 2017 when he joined Tengu, a startup located in Ghent where he discovered the fascinating world of programming in Python and Big Data. During three years, he step-by-step grew into an experienced Data Engineer working on Python jobs, data pipelines with e.g. Kafka & data transformations. In his professional track as a data engineer, he worked hands-on with AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure. 

Dixan has senior experience in all related to real-time & batch data handling incl. advanced Python development, and development of Flask API, Kubernetes, Docker and PySpark. 

Dixan joined element61 in November 2021, where he polished his Data Engineer education. He has obtained the certifications Azure Data Engineer Associate and Databricks Data Engineer Professional. Dixan loves working with Python, SQL and Databricks. But he is always keen to learn new ideas and technologies.