Dixan Peña Peña

till now

Analytics Architect

Dixan Peña Peña studied pure Mathematics in his motherland Cuba.

He came to Belgium in 2004 to obtain a PhD thanks to a grant awarded by the University of Ghent. After the completion of his doctoral studies, he worked as postdoctoral researcher & was a visiting professor at the University of Ghent, where he taught Mathematical Analysis for three years to first-year students of Mathematics and Physics.

His career took an decisive turn in 2017 when he joined Tengu, a startup located in Ghent where he discovered the fascinating world of programming in Python and Big Data. During three years, he step-by-step grew into an experienced Data Engineer working on Python jobs, data pipelines with e.g. Kafka & data transformations. In his professional track as data engineer he worked hands on with AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure. 

Dixan has senior experience in all related to real-time & batch data handling incl. advanced Python development, development of Flask API, Kubernetes, Docker and PySpark. 

Dixan joined element61 in November 2021.