Vladyslav Ishchenko

till now

Analytics Architect

Vladyslav graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization Business Information Management at KU Leuven. During his studies, he found his passion in Data Analytics & Science. He is driven by business analytics, using data to find solutions and deliver value to organisations.

Throughout the studies, Vladyslav developed and applied knowledge of SQL for retrieving and analyzing data, UML for the creation of operational databases and models, and Python for Data Science. His educational background allowed him to build up a combination of technical and business knowledge with a strong emphasis on data.

Being Ukrainian, Vladyslav spent most of his life in Asian countries (Japan, Vietnam), where he developed multicultural communication skills. He enjoys communicating and working in a multicultural environment. In addition, he did a semester-long student exchange program in South Korea at the Yonsei University.

Vladyslav will start at element61 in September 2022 in our Microsoft Team as an Analytics Architect focusing on both Power BI and Microsoft Azure Cloud. During his first weeks with the team, he will work on certification programs and prepare for further onboarding in projects.