Arno Lemaire

till now

Analytics Analyst

Arno holds a Master in Business Engineering, specializing in Data Science and Business Analytics. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the studying behavior of university students to predict their success rate in exams, using machine learning techniques. With his analytical mindset, he decided to further develop his skills and build a professional career in data analytics.

Following his graduation from KU Leuven in 2019, he started his career as a consultant at Acumen Consulting. He gained in-depth knowledge through business intelligence consultancy at Degroof Petercam and played an active role in establishing a data governance trajectory. He then worked as a Data Analytics consultant and specialized in techniques of geomarketing at SIRIUS Insight.

Critical thinking with attention to detail, problem analysis, collaborative working, and creativity are among Arno’s soft skills. He has working experience with Python, SQL, and Tableau. Arno is a native speaker of French and Dutch and can speak English and Turkish fluently. He has experience working with multiple languages, especially French and Dutch.

Arno enjoys exercising, playing football, artistic activities such as drawing and painting and playing strategy games with friends, especially chess. Travelling is an important way of discovering new cultures for Arno. He most of all prefers destinations with sunny weather and Mediterranean cuisine. Thanks to his exchange semester in Athens and year-long stay in Istanbul, he could attain an international outlook coupled with adaptation skills.

Arno joined element61 in January 2023 as an Analytics Analyst. Life-long learning and being challenged are important career goals for Arno.