Aniss Grabsi

till now

Analytics Architect

Aniss completed his Master in Computer Science with a professional focus in Data Science at UNamur in 2022. During the final year of his master's program, Aniss embarked on an enriching journey to Canada for his thesis, where he delved into experimental methods of visualizing code quality, showcasing his passion for innovative approaches in the field.

Following his academic achievements, Aniss kickstarted his professional journey in 2022 at Odoo, a leading software company, where he contributed to the development of an outstanding ERP system. His tenure at Odoo was marked by significant skill acquisition, particularly in areas such as database management and infrastructure (including Docker and Linux).

Outside of his professional endeavors, Aniss is an avid movie enthusiast with a keen interest in technology and AI. He actively engages in self-hosting various applications and manages a NAS.

Aniss's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his creation of an innovative app designed to track TV and movie consumption, reflecting his ability to combine his interests with his technical skills to develop practical solutions.

He is eager to contribute and grow now in the data and analytics field.

Aniss joined element61 in May 2024.