Lennert Van den Broeck

till now

Analytics Architect

Lennert obtained a Master in Business Engineering, specializing in Data Analytics from Ghent University in 2023. He is a proactive, hands-on individual who has gained valuable experiences throughout his academic journey.

Lennert was motivated to pursue data analytics due to his strong interest in combining technical skills with business strategy. He was fascinated by the power of data to help organizations make better decisions and he recognized there was a growing demand for professionals with a deep understanding in these fields. Lennert was also drawn to the versatility of the program, which enabled him to develop a diverse skillset. He finished his Master with a challenging thesis related to the performance of different types of CPUs to solve parallel business problems. 

As a student-entrepreneur, Lennert bought, sold, and repaired smartphones, which has allowed him to convert gained knowledge into business-related skills. His interest in ICT was also nurtured as he delved deeper into the inner workings of smartphones. 

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Lennert was also active as a mathematics/statistics tutor, finding fulfilment in helping others understand rather complex topics. He has taught basic topics to high school students and more advanced topics to college students, consistently striving to make mathematical theories understandable. 

Apart from his academic pursuits and professional experiences, Lennert has a range of interests. He is an avid sports enthusiast, a passionate DJ, enjoys spending time with friends and has a keen interest in social psychology. 

He is eager to continue learning and growing, with the ambition to add value to organizations. 

Lennert joined element61 in September 2023.