Parcifal Van Gucht

till now

Analytics Architect

Parcifal graduated with an Advanced Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis - Major Computational Statistics from Ghent University in the summer of 2022.

Previously, he followed the Master of Science in Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology. During his Master, he wrote a thesis on the application and acceptance of AI applications within Recruitment and Selection. The thesis describes two of his great interests. Firstly, the development and application of innovations, and secondly, human behavior, more specifically behavior of persons within organizations: what drives a person, how does this behavior come about and what are its possible consequences for the individual and the organization.

During his studies, Parcifal gathered experience on this topic from the perspective of an industrial psychologist. However, he wanted to expand this perspective with a more statistical approach based on data. Therefore, he chose to proceed with the advanced Master of Statistical Data Analysis with a Major in computational statistics. During this Master, he wrote his thesis on the modeling of linguistic complexity through Generalized Additive Mixed Models. Further, he has had the opportunity to combine statistical knowledge with proficiency in R, Python and SAS.

In his spare time, Parcifal has been an active member of the youth movement KSA Buggenhout, where he has been a leader for 5 years. Apart from eternal friendships, it has given him experience with group dynamics and the strength of teamwork. Currently, Parcifal is a member of a local Sunday league soccer team and he likes to go for a run frequently.

Parcifal started working at element61 in September 2022.