Ann Jacobs

till now

Business Support Manager

Ann graduated in Secretariat/Modern Languages at the Industrial High School, Ghent.

Ann worked at Facit for the first 10 years of her professional career where she was responsible for supporting the sales department. After this period, she joined Cognos where she grew into the role of Office Manager.  Her main focus was related to Operational HR, Suppliers, Sales & Services Support.  With the acquisition of Cognos by IBM, Ann moved into the role of Software Group Services Operations for BeNeLux within IBM. Ann joined element61 in October 2010 and her roles and responsibilities are in the domain of Office Management, Human Resources and Finance. With the growing organization, Ann’s focus has moved into a Business Support Management role with its different parts.

Ann spends her time with the family and related social activities outside of work. Spain is her favorite country for vacation.  She also enjoys cycling.