Joran Vergauwen

till now

Data Scientist

Joran graduated in 2020 from Ghent University where he completed a Master in Business Engineering with a specialization in Data Analytics.

He started his career at Belfius where he was part of the Datalab and gained his first experience as a Data Scientist. At Belfius, he oversaw the creation of an Analytical Base Table for Machine Learning models and took the lead in the development of the Marketing models that were written on that table. Next to that, he was also the communication link between the Data Scientists of the Datalab and the ML Engineers on the Technology side. Finally, he was also a vigorous advocate of learning within the team and set up an internal project around sharing best coding practices at Belfius.

In his spare time, Joran is a self-employed videographer and software developer. Having his own business allows him to hone skills that he wouldn’t be able to develop in any regular job. These skills are learned by spotting new business opportunities, daring to take initiative and working hard on making them come to life. This process requires him to constantly reinvent himself and his way of working to adjust to his new understanding on how the market works.

This cocktail of technical knowledge combined with an innate desire to make a business work makes Joran an excellent person to guide organizations when figuring out how technology can make them more successful. By transforming questions such as “We can never do this?” into “How can we actually get this done?”, he fuels any team with the needed energy to work towards a common goal and to provide solutions by working together.

Joran is experienced in Python, SQL & PySpark; has fluent working experience in Databricks and Microsoft Azure Cloud. Joran joined element61 in the Microsoft team as Analytics Architect in October 2022.