Laetitia Larchanche

till now

Customer Relations & Business Development Manager

Laetitia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the professional arena, navigating the intersection of psychology, marketing, and recruitment. As a seasoned professional, she embarked on her journey with WeQan (formerly Velixis) and has evolved dynamically in her role since 2013.

Coming from the North of France, Laetitia gets a Master from a French business School Skema (formerly ESC Lille), balancing academic pursuits with real-world experience in the recruitment sector. Her Master's 2 journey led her to an IT services company, where she spearheaded sales activities for Qlik Solutions & Power BI in Belgium.

She currently holds a multi-tasked role. Her responsibilities indeed span across sales, marketing, consultant planning, administration, and HR—a testimony to her versatility and adaptability. In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

With an unwavering passion for travelling, Bali holds a special place in Laetitia's heart. She also enjoys exploring Football and Yoga at beginner levels and relishes walking with her canine companion.

On a personal note, Laetitia balances her professional commitments with motherhood, cherishing moments with her 8-year-old son and her beloved Australian shepherd dog.