Svetoslav Haritonov

till now

Analytics Architect

Svetoslav Haritonov has been working in Qlik Business Intelligence since 2019.

He has a strong entrepreneurial drive and interest in technology which ignited his passion for data analytics.

Before starting his journey in BI, Svetoslav co-founded an NGO assisting Bulgarian citizens who need medical treatment abroad. The NGO has since helped in over 500 cases and has over 300 volunteers, making it one of the top Bulgarian NGOs operating outside Bulgaria. Svetoslav has also organized various events promoting Bulgarian culture abroad, such as concerts, exhibitions, movie screenings, etc., partnering with Bulgarian foreign student organizations.

Since starting his professional career, Svetoslav has worked with leading Fortune 500 Telecom, Life Sciences, and Healthcare companies, building his core competencies with the Qlik products. His projects included developing key data solutions for sales, finance, human resource management, and manufacturing controlling departments. Svetoslav has also led user training sessions with business users focusing on Qlik functionalities and understanding self-service capabilities.

Svetoslav Haritonov is joining element61 as Qlik Analytics Architect in October 2022