Michaël Van de Borne

till now

Principal Analytics Architect

Michaël Van de Borne has always been passionate about cloud computing, and automating infrastructure. He started working on cloud technologies as soon as the term was coined in 2006, and never stopped since. As a certified cloud and data analytics architect, Michaël has extensive experience in transforming business strategy into technology solutions. Motivated by lifelong learning and adaption to new technologies, he has an agile mindset and loves to manage complex cloud technologies and data streams using DevOps approaches.

Michaël's key interests are cloud computing (especially Azure) and cloud-native technologies, Infrastructure as Code, Modern Data Platform, automation, and data governance.

Throughout his 18-year-long career, Michaël had the opportunity to work in many fields such as the automotive industry (as a cloud architect for a big data project ingesting and processing 10 million car trips per day for all Toyota cars in Europe), the space industry (to build Hadoop platforms that process satellite data), the Federal Police, the European Commission, the FinTech industry (for Isabel Group, as a cloud architect, and as a team lead building an operating an Azure Modern Data Platform with the help of element61), and many others. 

Michaël is an expert in Azure & Databricks working with the toolset as one of the pioneering teams in Belgium. In his free time, he likes to see the new trends happening in AI, data analytics, and cloud-native technologies.

But more importantly, he enjoys spending time with his family, barbecuing with friends, and motorcycle riding!

Michaël started working at element61 in June 2023.