Rose Nguyen

till now

Senior Performance Management Architect

Rose studied Finance & Banking in Vietnam. Her university worked closely together with the university of Lille. Due to being one of the best of her year, she got a college fund to study in Lille. In 2012 she obtained her Master in Financial Analysis in Lille.

Rose worked for some time as a credit analyst at a bank in Vietnam. Thereafter she started as a lecturer of International Finance at the Foreign Trade University (Vietnam).

In 2016 she moved to Belgium where she worked as a research assistant in the field of Microfinance at Solvay Brussels School.

When wanting to move to the next step in her career, she noticed that SAP seemed to be a key knowledge to have. She did some thorough research to find out everything there is to know to comprehend the world of SAP and SAP BI in specific. She followed 4 months of in-depth training at SAP Belgium on S/4HANA & SAP BI to do so.

Rose is now focusing on Group Reporting, SAC BI & planning, BW/4HANA and Analytics with S/4HANA.