Rose Nguyen

till now

Analytics Architect

Rose studied Finance & Banking in Vietnam. Her university worked closely together with the university of Lille. Due to being one of the best of her year, she got a college fund to study in Lille. In 2012 she obtained her master in Financial Analysis in Lille.

Rose worked some time as an analyst at a bank in Vietnam. Thereafter she started as a teacher at the university.

In 2016 she moved to Belgium where she worked as a research assistant at Solvay Brussels.

When wanting to move to the next step in her career, she noticed that SAP seemed to be a key knowledge to have.  She did some thorough research to find out everything there is to know to comprehend the world of SAP and SAP BI in specific.  To do so, she followed a 4 month in depth training at SAP Belgium on S/4HANA & SAP BI.

Rose is now focusing on SAC BI, SAC planning and BW/4HANA with a link to S/4HANA.