Floriant Sturm

Floriant Sturm - element61
Business Analytics experience
3 years
Data Scientist
Floriant completed a Master in Business Engineering at the KU Leuven with a specialization in Data Science. Since he was little, Floriant has been intrigued by innovation and technological developments. During his graduate studies, he gained experience in the usage and value of several programming languages incl. MATLAB, SQL, Python, pySpark and R. 
Taking his first steps into the real data-world, Floriant did a 4-month internship at element61 early 2019. After his studies, Floriant joined element61 in summer 2019.
Next to his professional career, Floriant is a passionate tennis player. During his studies Floriant has invested a lot of free time in tennis activities incl. playing competition on a high level in Belgian competition, being a trainer for little kids as well as being the coach of the KU Leuven University team. Next to his tennis activities Floriant loves sport, plays music, loves to travel and enjoys being surrounded by good and fun people.
Floriant is strong in strategy exercises as well as translating it to working technology. He knows marketing and the sales domain with strong experience in e-commerce, retail incl. use-cases such as demand forecasting, churn modeling and lead scoring. On a technical perspective, Floriant is a certified Azure Data Engineer, certified Spark Developer and certified Spark Professional Data Scientist. He's an expert in Databricks development (incl. Mlflow), fluent in Python and an expert in Python and Azure Machine Learning.