Kristijan Shirgoski

till now

Analytics Architect

Kristijan Shirgoski has a strong international exposure, having done his bachelor studies in Computer Science at the University of Ljubljana and Master of Computer Science at the KU Leuven.
During the course of his studies, he discovered a passion for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
He began his professional career at Zensor where he worked on time-series data analysis, building predictive maintenance Machine Learning models, created real-time dashboards and reports for customers, and built and maintained the company’s software.
Kristijan joined element61 in May 2021.
Having worked with a wide variety of programming languages, ranging from assembly to high-level programming, he is able to apply various best practices and use many concepts learnt in different domains.
He is a certified Azure Data Engineer, Azure Cosmos DB Developer, Databricks Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3, Apache Airflow Fundamentals. In addition, he is skilled in building and using APIs. Being a Python expert and proficient in MLflow, customers have relied on him to help build their Machine Learning solutions. Last but not least, he helps customers in setting up their platform using IAC and deploy resources in different environments using CICD.


Having a hands-on attitude, a pragmatic way of thinking and a principled/structured approach, he is a highly motivated and positive individual.

In his free time he enjoys playing sports, playing chess and solving Rubiks Cubes of various shapes.