Hannah Mestdagh

till now

Data Scientist

Hannah Mestdagh graduated with a Master of Science in Business Engineering, option Data Analytics at the University of Ghent in 2021.

During her studies, she developed great interests in Data & Analytics. During her master, she took the opportunity to do a student exchange program in Finland at the Tampere University of Technology. There, she experienced the importance of multi-disciplinary teamwork. In her last year, she decided to join Everest Analytics, a non-profit organization with the aim of connecting students with a passion for Data Science in data science projects, to become more familiar with the practice of Data Science and Data Engineering. All these events led to an increasing interest into Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Hannah joined element61 in September 2021. Since her start she focused on Data Analytics and Data Science projects across different industries (HR, manufacturing & production, transport). During her projects she strongly focuses on business value generation. Being part of the Machine Learning Knowledge area within element61, she also puts a lot of effort into improving Machine Learning endeavours at element61.