Frederik Vande Rieviere

Frederik Vande Rieviere - element61
Business Analytics experience
8 years
Senior Business Analytics Architect
Frederik Vande Rieviere has over 20 years of expierence in the ICT technology field. He initially graduated as a Bachelor in Graphical Manufacturing Management in 2000. Following a brief time as a Field Engineer in the Ghent-based software company Artwork Systems, Frederik has been active in various IT and Project Management roles in both technology and manufacturing companies, taking up key responsabilities in the areas of IT strategy, budgetting, technology market analysis, as well as program and product management, while learning the technical ins and outs in day-to-day operations and expanding his knowledge through training. 
Frederik started working in the field of data analysis after selecting Qlik technology from a range of Business Intelligence products in 2013. Using his software development background, he designed a dashboard and reporting tool for an internal sales team that was implemented together with an external partner, thereby significantly streamlining the reporting processes while also introducing sales performance analysis for the first time. After a successful go-live of the project, he took over the day-to-day maintenance and extended the initial solution extensively.
Since then, he has grown his knowledge of the Qlik platform steadily, successfully introducing the tool to the companies he was employed at for the purpose of analyzing data sets in the areas of sales, finance, manufacturing, as well as a data visualization and transformation, as well as providing seminars for internal users.
Over the years, Frederik has built up a thorough "best practices" working methodology, hereby priding himself with a systematical and thorough working approach, enjoying going "to-the-bone" on any task at hand, and delivering high quality solutions that bring real value to the customer and that are able form a solid groundwork for businesses to stand and grow on.
Frederik is a firm believer of the fact that data sets are potential gold mines for businesses, with the promise to unearth events and trends that would otherwise remain under the radar. This becomes especially true as more and more  business processess become fully automated. He is convinced that in a lot of companies, there is still a lot of potential remaining to be unlocked. It's his mission to help companies realizing this potential.

Frederik joined element61 in December 2019 as a Senior Business Analytics Architect.

Free time

Motorsport, being a loving father and husband, collecting Lego for his son.