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Cédric Lupo

Business Analytics experience
7 years
Senior Business Analytics Architect

Cédric Lupo is active in Business Analytics since 2011.

In 2011, Cédric obtained a Bachelor Degree in IT management at Paul Lambin Institute of Brussels, specializing in programming and Business Intelligence. The same year, he gained valuable experience in SAS, Business Objects and Qlikview, and successfully started his IT career.

Since then, he worked for several companies and administrations being in charge of their BI development in both SAP Business Objects BI and Qlikview.

His experience includes a one and a half year Qlikview project for one of the world's biggest engine and car makers: Honda, where he was responsible for the development of a BI application that now is used to review and forecast the spare parts of all of Europe and Russia.

Combining his business and IT experience, Cédric is able to understand and clarify business needs and is able to resolve challenging issues.

On the personal side, Cédric is passionate about various cultures of the world and geopolitics and is friendly and easily approachable when dealing with colleagues.

In his free time Cédric enjoys trekking, photography, social work, dancing and martial arts.