Bram De Ruyck

Bram De Ruyck - element61
Business Analytics experience
4 years
Data Strategist
Bram graduated in 2016 as a Master in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science and Operations Research at Ghent University. In his master thesis he developed a Python discrete-event simulation model to assess the impact of marketing campaigns in small stores. This allowed a national retailer to simulate if and when to increase operational capacity. While working for element61, Bram is completing an additional Postgraduate Studies in Corporate Finance at KU Leuven to strenghten his financial and business knowledge as an add-on to his current technical strengths.
Bram started his professional career as an Assistant Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble in Geneva. Working in the marketing department of this global FMCG player, he learned analyzing consumer behavior trends, pricing and buying patterns. Working closely together with sales, logistics & finance, he looked for trends and anomalies in the weekly sales volumes. 
After returning to Belgium, Bram joined the Big data Customer Data Platform scale-up NGDATA as a business consultant. NGDATA helps companies in data-driven industries, such as financial services, media/publishing and telecom, to operationalize their data analytics through a real-time software CDP solution. In his role, he worked on various data projects for major Belgian companies. For a top-3 Belgian bank, he performed the functional analysis of a next-generation smartphone app and virtual financial assistant. Apart from the technical aspects, he also took into account the legal impact of PSD2 and GDPR. For a large telecom provider, Bram lead the implementation trajectory to predict customer loyalty and activate it through the CDP Platform. He performed both the technical set-up such as data cleaning, processing and modelling as well as the project management role.
Additional to his project experience, Bram worked on several pre-sales and architecture assigments where he was responsible to map the customer's current landscape to a proposed future CDP/DMP architecture. Given the broad array of sectors, he learned how to quickly understand the customer's unique situation, identify challenges and clarify data opportunities, particularly with a data-driven marketing vision. Combining a technical background with business acumen, he loves discovering trends in data and helping customers improve their operations through technology.
In his free time, Bram enjoys cycling in the Flemish Ardennes and likes to create his own furniture in woodworking classes.
Bram joined element61 in January 2019.