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Mike Wouters

Mike Wouters - element61
Business Analytics experience
4 years
Business Analytics Architect

Mike has worked most of his career as a Business Analyst in the financial sector. He started out at the loans and credit department, but gradually got special interests in savings and securities.

During his time at Argenta, he was one of the key players in the development of an entire new business organization. His appetite for the stock market, especially technical analyses and option trading, is what drove him towards Business Intelligence. Throughout his years, Mike noticed that Business Intelligence became more and more a key factor in his daily work. Mike developed skills in SQL, data processing & data visualization. A picture says more than a thousand words is one of his credos. A key incentive for business intelligence users is the ability to get immediate answers to business questions without having to go through pages and pages of written reports and lose valuable time.

Since then, he has been passionate about (providing) actionable, relevant, and timely information for key stakeholders to help (them) make decisions more quickly and effectively and helping transform business organizations as a result. He enjoys seeing the positive impact an effective solution can have on an organization.

Mid 2016, Mike decided to make a career swith and started working as a Business Intelligence consultant for CalmCo, where he helped model data warehouses for clients in the automotive sector. Mike has gained valuable experience in SQL Server, TimeXtender and Targit. His background as a Business Analyst also helps him to understand and clarify business needs more effectively.