Breakfast with experts - Cognos Controller Best Practices

Breakfast with experts is a new event series by element61, the thought-leading Business Analytics consulting company. Focused sessions, limited to a 90-minutes
slot, prior to the start of the working day, at easily reachable locations and ... with a nice breakfast !

Waking up was never easier.

April 19 th, 2016 - Session from 8.30 h. – 10.00 h.

3Square Gent – Zwijnaarde - Rijvisschestraat 124, 9052 Zwijnaarde - At the crossing of the highway E40 – E17 – R4

Topics for this edition: IBM Cognos Controller for Consolidation:

Best Practices to

·Automate the
consolidated cash flow statement
·Automate the consolidated
equity reconciliation

Detailed agenda:

7.30 – 8.30: Welcome
& breakfast

Possibility to discuss ideas &
network with the IBM Cognos Controller experts from element61 & Consolidation
experts from Moore Stephens : Ahmed Draidi, Frank Lehouck, Rita Buyse, Stijn De Mil, Nicolas Ballieu, Dolou Amah

8.30 – 9.30: How to automate the consolidated cash-flow, setup the cash flow from
an individual company level up to the consolidated view on group level, within IBM
Cognos Controller.

Discover how to automate the consolidated cash flow within
IBM Cognos Controller, enabling you to report and analyze the cash-flow
statement from an individual company level onwards to the consolidated group level.

At the end of the consolidation process, the reconciliation
of the consolidated cash flow at group level may be a real challenging exercise.
It will require you to work your way through a huge pile of data, originating
from all subsidiaries and presented in converted group currency. Moreover, the
data will contain not only the reported numbers but will also include the manually
posted journal types. Finally to make it even more demanding, the impact of the
automatic elimination journals must be considered as well, when presenting the
consolidated cash flow at group level. The complexity increases with the number
of companies, currencies etc. involved, whereas specific transactions such as
acquisitions through share deals, net asset deals, mergers etc. will challenge
you even more in presenting the correct cash view on the consolidated group.

We distinguish two levels of impact in our approach,
the process impact and the impact on the set-up of the consolidation system.
From a process point of view, all subsidiaries are impacted and will need to comply.
Responsibilities towards data, data quality & controls must be defined from
a local subsidiary level till the group level. The changes in reporting process
need to be explained and a training might be required to assure the correct and
consistent understanding of cash and non-cash type of impacts throughout the
group. From a set-up point of view, the Cognos Controller account structures,
input forms and elimination tables will be reviewed to allow the identification
of cash versus non-cash transactions, identify net movements, currency impacts,
isolate intercompany transactions, etc.

The end result we will present allows you to analyze
the consolidated cash flow statement both at group as at company level within
IBM Cognos Controller. Our solution facilitates to analyze figures through the different
steps in the consolidation process (reported data, manual adjustments and
automatic eliminations) and will increase the data quality of the consolidated
group reporting.

9.30 – 10.00: How to automate the reconciliation of the consolidated equity?

how to speed up your current consolidation process by improving the follow up
and analysis of the equity movements.

The use of specific flows for specific equity
transactions, will allow you to automate the equity reconciliation process. The
aim is to detect and identify per consolidated company and in a transparent way
all equity impacts and to summarize them in an equity overview ready to be
published within your annual report. Within our approach we tackle both the
set-up for the BGAAP- as well as for the IFRS accounts.

10.00 – 10.30: possibility to
discuss ideas & network with the IBM Cognos Controller & Consolidation experts

Just confirm your participation by emailing - +32 477 788 033


19 april, 2016


3Square Gent – Zwijnaarde