Alpega Group - Transport Services

Alpega Group - Transport Services is a provider of “on demand” transport management software and services (TMSS). They are able to address the needs of carriers to freight forwarders, or from logistics providers to shippers. Their vision is to be a network-powered provider, connecting transport communities with high availability & mission-critical operational solutions offering a fast ROI to their customers. To do so, they have a unique portfolio of interconnected solutions & services that focus on transport processes and operational aspects. Network and community are key values.

Under their brands 123cargo, BursaTransport, FreightCentral, Nolis, TAS-tms, Teleroute, and Transwide, transport and logistics professionals find freight exchanges and transport management solutions that deliver high and fast return on investment. Their modular solutions cover all transport business requirements: freight exchange, carrier allocation, planning and optimization, transport execution; as well as cost optimisation and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management).