SAP Analytics Cloud Training

SAP Analytics Cloud Training

Course Description/Summary:

This instructor-led, custom training & workshops have been designed for enterprises that aim to empower their Business & Key Users in SAP Analytics Cloud. This 2 day course covers basic and advanced functionality of SAC both for reporting and planning and combines expert training and advice with hands-on exercises in your individual SAC training environment.


  • BI Power Users and managers
  • SAP Business Objects BI and BPC Users
  • BW and SAP Hana users


  • None


  • Creating a SAP Analytics Cloud model
  • Preparing data
  • Planning functions explained
  • Calculations and allocations
  • Visualisations and story telling
  • Integration

Duration: 2 days

Cost: 1.250 € per participant.

Training Curriculum:

  • Presentation, instructor demonstrations, and exercises using our Training environment.
  • Bring your own laptop installed with Google Chrome.

SAP Analytics Cloud Learning Objectives 

  • Modelling – Creating a SAP Analytics Cloud model
    • SAP Analytics Cloud Introduction & Logon
      • Positioning and capabilities of the application.
      • Discover how to navigate in the application.
    • Create a Data Model and Upload Master Data
    • Overview of the data modelling capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud.
    • Experience SAP Analytics Cloud’s data modeler.
    • Load data from an Excel file and perform data cleansing on a sample of the data using the new modelling UI.
    • Validate the data quality on a full dataset and ultimately build a model.
    • Import Data from Flat Files
  • Planning - Basic features
  • Version Management
    • Create and copy different versions of data.
    • Learn how-to work with Private and Public Versions.
  • Data Locking
  • Use the Data Locking Tools to apply general locks.
  • Apply locking directly in your input story.
  • See the different methods to enter data in your input story.
  • Get an insight on how disaggregation is working in the application.
  • Discover the History Panel where you can review your last changes and undo or redo last actions.
  • Create dimension members directly in your report without accessing the SAP Analytics Cloud’s data modeler.
  • Learn how you can use standard operations to allocate values in a table to one or more target cells.
  • Data input methods
  • History of changes
  • Add a new member on the fly
  • Assign, Spreading and distribution
  • Use cross calculations to create a report that corresponds to your reporting needs.
  • Learn how-to create restricted and calculated measures.
    • Use the calculation editor to create a variance report.
  • See how you can rearrange the columns in the web UI.
  • Format your measures to correspond to the business needs.
  • Asymmetrical reports - Cross Calculations
  • Planning – Advanced features
    • Allocations
      • Create specific process to customize your allocation process.
      • Learn how-to define your source data to be allocated to target data based on a driver.
    • Data Actions
    • Create a process combining copy actions and advanced calculations to prepare your data for your planning process.
    • See how you can attach your data action to a story.
    • Discover this SAP Analytics Cloud’s functionality to create a specific forecast input form.
    • See how you can integrate input controls to enable user interactivity.
    • Run time series forecasts based on your historical data for the future periods.
    • See how you can define formulas in the data modeler to execute calculations on the fly.
    • Get an overview of the Advanced Formula Editor capabilities.
    • Forecast with Input controls
    • Predictive Forecasts
    • Member formulas
  • Visualization
  • Styling
    • Discover the high capabilities of the application to enable formatting of your story.
    • Get an overview of the objects (charts, tables…) available to create your stories.
  • Interactivity
  • Get an insight on how you can connect objects together to create highly interactive stories.
  • Analysis for Office
    • Get an overview of how you can connect your SAC model to an excel environment.
  • Data Connectivity
  • Get an overview of the types of data connections available to connect SAP Analytics Cloud with your systems environment.
  • Integration

Take Away Training Materials:

  • PDF of the presentation


  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Advanced Preparation:

  • None


25/03/2019 tot 26/03/2019


Ghent Moore Belgium office


2 days