Business Intelligence in Fashion Retail

The goal of the project was to replace the existing data warehouse with a more future proof, reliable and state of the art enterprise data warehouse built upon the latest SOL Server technologies.

The first reports and dashboards were developed to get better insights into to sales transactions (from Microsoft Dynamics NAVision). In the following phases other sources were added to get a better understanding of budgeting, sales conversions, net promoter score, purchase, stock and finance. Inventory-wise ZEB stores periodical snapshots for over 400.000 articles over 70 locations per stock movement.

Daily stock movements as well as running totals are being tracked down in the data warehouse were sales amount can compared to the calculated stock cost. Next to stock, the sales figures are being analysed per 15 minutes in terms of conversion ratio (sales actuals vs. people that entered the store) and sales budget and visualised in Microsoft PowerBl.