Visualisation and insights on Survey data in Power BI

The project for Pulso started with a need to provide better visualisations and insights for their surveys. Pulso wanted to give their customers a better experience by providing them a detailed report on their survey data. 
The survey data that Pulso provided was coming from KeySurvey in the form of XML files. This was enriched by data in excel files (mainly translations). The biggest challenge for this project was that the reports had to be multilingual. This means that in one report you could switch to (theoretically) as many languages as you want. In the beginning, the model was built for English, French, and Dutch but could easily be extended to include other languages when required. 
Another main goal of this project was that the data model itself had to be dynamic in order to integrate (later stage) data from other Pulso customers. Row-level (data) security was applied in order to safeguard confidentiality of the customer's employee data.