Implement new Business Analytics platform for HR Service provider

Years ago, an Oracle data warehouse was implemented at ASAP. But business evolved faster than the data warehouse and reports were incomplete or even incorrect. ASAP contacted element61 to advice about a long-term solution. After a successful POC for the finance department (using Microsoft SQL Server) they decided to replace the complete data warehouse with a new improved data warehouse using Microsoft technology. Next to standard reports this new solution had to support ad-hoc analysis in Microsoft Excel and modern interactive reports, making BI more accessible and user-friendly. The reports also needed to be made available in Power BI to the customers of ASAP. This would significantly lower the burden on IT that was now creating reports and sending them out to the customer.   Because there were over 400 customers who would make use of this, Power BI Premium was purchased. With Power BI Premium, you get a dedicated capacity that is for exclusive use by an organization and does not require a per-user license.  To be able to have an overview of the full organization’s performance, data had to be integrated from their financial ERP application (Unit4 Multivers), the application containing all data about their internal employees (Sonet) and the in-house developed application to manage their temporary employment business (Hiant).