Food Traceability with TimeXtender and MS Power BI

Poco Loco’s high-quality standards require full traceability between raw material and finished product. E.g., there might be an issue with a raw material from a supplier and Poco Loco needs urgently to know all potential impacted semi-finished and finished products, related sales, contact information of all related customers and understand what is left on stock of all these products.

This flow has a ‘downstream’ direction.  An ‘upstream’ analysis is needed when there happens to be an issue with a finished product, the license plate or batch (printed on the packing) leads you to all information of the used ingredients. The exact timeline in this traceability solution also helps to determine what actions must be taken when there was a sudden incident during production (e.g. machine failure).  TimeXtender was used to build a reliable near-real-time traceability solution to answer these requirements. TimeXtender generates all data warehouse components needed in SQL Server and SQL Server Analysis Services.  Every hour, the latest data from the ERP system is ingested in the data warehouse.  The front-end is delivered in Power BI, where the end-user gets insights in split-second on all related transactions.  Power BI is a rich front-end reporting and analytical tool, so the front-end can easily be adapted or extended to end-user needs.