Coaching project on BW, BO and Lumira

BIA did not have a unified reporting platform nor utilization strategy and was using a variety of reporting tools (SAP ECC reports, Bex Analyzer, Qlik, C4C, XLS, etc.). The main challenges BIA was confronted with were resulting in:
- Lots of repetitive manual interventions / Time consuming / Risk of errors (e.g. Excel extractions)
- Performance suffers when individual users create their own Reports (some Qlick dashboards are built directly on ECC)
- Only limited access to real-time data
- Decision-makers missing reports with clear data and meaningful visualizations
- Difficulties to find the appropriate reports due to landscape diversity and lack of a clear strategy
- Mismatch between SAP terminology used in Bex Analyzer and Business Terminology
- Lack of control/harmonization in the reporting tools