SAP BPC 10.1 HANA Sales Forecasting

Tessenderlo Group has been a longtime customer of element61 for their SAP BW environment. We are currently implementing a Sales planning and budgeting application on SAP BPC standard (runs optionally on HANA) for their PB Gelatins business unit located in Belgium. Phase 1 is going live mid-February.

The project envisages both the realization of a centralized view and reporting environment to analyze and report on Sales actuals as the replacement of the existing SLSSTAT application for Forecasting/Budgeting.

A replacement of the ESSBASE environment is not in scope except for shortcomings of SLSSTAT that are currently being “solved” by ESSBASE and that will be available in SAP BPC (example: version management, dynamic and ad-hoc reporting on actual and forecasted Sales).

Actuals will be tightly integrated with the existing BW actuals reporting cubes (automatic loads on a detailed level) for the SAP entities and combine this data with a more summarized actual level for the non-SAP entities as these will have to introduce their actuals through a manual input on a weekly basis.