Qlik Business Discovery

Qlik Competence Center

Qlik, formerly known as QlikTech, was founded in 1993 in Sweden and are currently headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. From the start, the company set out to deliver Business Intelligence software solutions for small and large organizations. Their first product was called QuikView, which stood for "Quality, Understanding, Interaction and Knowledge”.

Qlik Business Discovery

In the past years, Qlik quickly made a name for itself as its products where characterized by the power of simplicity and velocity by which data could be explored. As the software was relatively easy to use, it can be considered the first vendor of true self-service BI-tools. They branded the solutions to be "Data Discovery", recently renamed Business Discovery, and started to take the BI industry by storm. Recognition of analysts such as Gartner quickly followed, and all of the big vendors had to come up with an answer to their revolutionary product QlikView. The product introduced in-memory technology, in combination with an associative way of linking data-elements.

Currently Qlik serves over 33 000 customers spread across 100 countries, and are still growing at exceptional rates.

Qlikview is the main product, but they have recently released a second product line called Qlik Sense. They continue to put focus on the self-service aspect of BI, data visualisation tools for the end-users and the speed of delivering business value to its end-users.

Qlik Business Discovery

element61 offers specialized services for both these products, ranging from training, implementation strategy -including making the choice between QlikView and Qlik Sense- to full end-to-end implementations. Our highly skilled consultants are ready to assist you in your journey towards true self-service BI. Contact us today !