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Power BI Premium provides dedicated resources to run Power BI in an organization. It can be a great cost saver to try and use this dedicated capacity as efficiently as possible without paying for unneeded resources. This is where performance tracing...
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Davy Van Goethem
As data professionals, our role is to extract insight, build AI models and present our findings to users through dashboards, API’s and reports. Although the development phase is often the most time-consuming part of a project, automating jobs...
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Sacha Dubrulle
The goal of this document is to go over the considerations and settings needed to create a successful Power BI implementation. We will be using a high-level view and focus on large corporations with many users.
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Davy Van Goethem
At element61 we love to work with your data. Our philosophy is providing you a Modern Data Platform in which you can do real-time analytics, big data batch analytics as well as apply Machine Learning and AI.
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Ivana Pejeva
element61 believes Delta features create a big opportunity for anyone starting with a Data Lake or already having a Data Lake.
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Ivana Pejeva
Azure announced the rebranding of Azure Data Warehouse into Azure Synapse Analytics. Given it's always a bit unclear if a software vendor just changed the name or actually added features, we did your homework and summarized the key findings . Enjoy...
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Bart Van Der Vurst
Power BI can be a great tool to start visualizing data and DAX is an easy step from Excel to write your own formulas and start creating measures. But once a model starts to grow and the amount of data keeps increasing, reports can become slow. So,...
Arne Goossens
Our intern Kjell wanted to gain more practical experience in data science and data engineering and started an internship with element61.
A lot of organizations are moving to the Cloud striving for a more scalable and flexible Business Analytics set-up. However, they might still be having various databases and sources on-premise and thus wondering how to set up a hybrid environment...
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Charles Cuigniez
Click here to read more about the migration journey to BW/4HANA, and the opportunities it brings for remodelling.
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Wouter Vanhoutte