A guide to the two sides of Generative AI - The Moonshot Projects and The Pragmatic Approach

At element61, we pride ourselves on being a thought-leading companion for our customers. We like to share our perspective on new technologies, trends, products and features through insights, webinars, whitepapers and more. As you might have observed, the last year has seen a tremendous advancement in the domain of generative AI, with new developments happening almost every day, existing vendors finding it hard to keep up, and soap opera-like events taking place (such as the Sam Altman story getting fired from OpenAI).


Why this series

We understand that it is almost impossible for people who are not immersed in these topics daily to stay on top of this constant flow of information and articles. That’s why we have decided to create this series of insights, to keep you updated on the opportunities of generative AI. As new features are launched into the market, we will provide you with our candid opinion and viewpoint on what is going on. By doing this, we hope to assist you in making the best use of your time while being always up to date on the ever-changing generative AI scene.

As a Microsoft and Databricks partner, we focus on what they are doing and the new features they are releasing. However, we believe that keeping an open viewpoint on alternative players (Meta, Google, Anthropic, Mistral, ...) is crucial to making good recommendations for your business problems. We therefore will try to give an unprejudiced opinion on everything that we see happening in the world of generative AI.


We have divided these articles into two main sections. One section will focus on the latest and greatest features, the moonshot projects, and the "we have an infinite amount of money, resources and time" products. We will share our views on these breakthrough innovations, try to give you a realistic assessment of what they mean, and whether we think they are something to keep an eye on in the weeks and months to come.

The other section will address the demands of many organizations that are looking for ways to pragmatically and cost-effectively employ generative AI in their existing business processes. As always, we believe that delivering business value should be the main goal of any project we undertake. In this section, we will guide you through the options, use cases, pragmatic setups and examples of how you can use generative AI without having to hire five prompt engineers, have a monthly cost of € x millions, or build something for problems that do not exist in your organization.

We will collect all the insights in this overarching article, which will act as the portal to all our insights. Stay tuned and please let us know if you want us to investigate any specific technology or if you have any questions. We are always at your service.

Art of possibilities

The art of possibilities section: our opinion on the latest and greatest - but completely over the top - products and technologies


The pragmatic section: our opinion on pragmatic and down-to-earth solutions you can implement in your company